We are excited to introduce Makom – a Place for Learning

Makom means “Place” in Hebrew and for our children, it will be the place for them to learn, to gather, and to grow.

Makom is the “Place” where our kids will acquire the knowledge and skills to be adult Jews and engage with our tradition in a meaningful way.  

Makom will be the “Place” for our children.

Operating in partnership with Montebello Jewish Center (MJC), we have created this new educational opportunity for our youth.  Our joint Makom religious school will offer the Greater Rockland Community innovative curriculum – to enrich and challenge our children – from it’s free Pre-K and Kindergarten programs, up through Bar/Bat Mitzvah age. 

We also are thrilled to welcome Rebecca Bernstein as our new principal for Makom,  Together with Rebecca and our excellent teachers, and with consultation from Rabbi Kurland (NHC) and Rabbi Finkelstein (MJC), Makom will definitely be the “Place” for our children to be.  

Please contact Nanuet Hebrew Center (845-708-9181 / office@nanuethc.org) or Montebello Jewish Center (845-357-2430 or office@montebellojc.org) for more details!

MAKOM – A Place for Learning

Operating in partnership with Montebello Jewish Center (MJC), our joint “MAKOM” religious school offers the Greater Rockland Community innovative curriculum from it’s free Pre-K and Kindergarten programs, up through Bar/Bat Mitzvah age. 

Our programs provide opportunities to enhance family involvement in Jewish life, and to stimulate and reinforce a positive lasting relationship between the student, the family, the synagogue and the Jewish people.

The primary curriculum centers on Jewish holidays, customs and ceremonies.  Our objective is to build a foundation of concrete Jewish experiences upon which learning in later years can take place.  Our aim in the first years is to instill in the children a love for everything Jewish and to nurture their own natural source of curiosity and their desire to know who they are, where they belong and from whence they came. Building on the positive experiences of these years, the Elementary department seeks to help students develop the skills and knowledge needed for meaningful and joyful living in the American Jewish community.

Attention is given to developing Hebrew language skills affording the student the ability to participate in the synagogue worship services in a meaningful way.  Study of the Bible is done in English while referring to original Hebrew text.  Jewish history is taught with an emphasis on how we are a product of the past, and creators of the future.  Jewish customs, holiday celebrations and life cycle events help instill a deeper appreciation of their individual Jewish identities, and offer an opportunity to master the skills and values of Jewish daily living.

If you are not familiar with our Shul or Religious School, we encourage you to visit us for a tour, and to meet our clergy, religious school Principal and staff. And, be sure to ask about our voluntary (“self directed”) pledge structure which replaces traditional dues.

Come be a part of our extended family.  You are always welcome at our synagogue home.

Nanuet Hebrew Center
411 South Little Tor Road
New City, NY  10956
Phone: (845) 708-9181
Fax: (845) 708-9182
Principal, MAKOM Religious School:  Rebecca Bernstein
Please contact the NHC Office for more info and/or Religious School application:  office@nanuethc.org

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