On behalf of my family, I would like to thank everyone at Nanuet Hebrew Center and Congregation Shir Shalom for making us feel so welcome.  I am grateful for the good words I have received both on and off the bimah.

In becoming a cantor, I started out as a musician.  As a musician and synagogue member, I discovered how music- that international language of prayer- is a path to God.  It has the power to transform the everyday experience into something holy and awesome.  This is my vision of the prayer experience at the new Congregation Shir Shalom – that of a community reaching out to God’s awesome presence through music

I hope that you will add your voice and join us.

Cantor Kanarek


Congregation Shir Shalom Rabbi Paul Kurland (left) and Cantor Barry Kanarek.

Photo taken at recent Jewish Federation & Foundation of Rockland County event.

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