Congregation Shir Shalom Men’s Club

Congregation Shir Shalom Men’s Club welcomes you to join us for friendly camaraderie, educational and social programs, delicious breakfasts, and synagogue and community participation.  We strive to make our programming open to the entire synagogue family, including Sisterhood, and youth. 

With the consolidation of Nanuet Hebrew Center and Montebello Jewish Center, we are honored to have “three” Men’s Club Co-Presidents for the upcoming year:  Mitch Spiegel, Bruce Yore and Eric Zweigbaum.   

We welcome your participation, and encourage you to please let us know if you would like to be a part of our very active Congregation Shir Shalom Men’s Club, or would like more information on any of our upcoming programs and events.   Please email us at or leave a message for the Men’s Club with the Synagogue Office [845-708-9181].

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This year’s Men’s Club Super Bowl Pool in support of Congregation Shir Shalom and our Makom Religious School was a tremendous success. We thank all who supported it. We also offer congratulations to our winners: Michael Kaiser (2x), Michelle Kezner and Ann Schaer!

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Our next Men’s Club Planning Meeting (10 AM), and Poker Night (8 PM) are both scheduled to be held on Sunday, May 15th.  

These events will be held in-person and are open to Congregation Shir Shalom Men’s Club Members, and prospective members! 

To learn more about our very active Congregation Shir Shalom Men’s Club, please contact one of our co-presidents:   Mitch Spiegel, Bruce Yore or Eric Zweigbaum at


The Federation of Jewish Men’s Club – Hudson Valley Region “Man of the Year / Youth of the Year” event will be held on Zoom this year, on Monday, June 20th at 7pm.  We are especially honored that Congregation Shir Shalom’s honoree will be Mitchell Spiegel.


As a part of Congregation Shir Shalom’s congregational meeting, the Shir Shalom Men’s Club made a donation of several Chromebooks to the synagogue’s MAKOM Religious School. The Chromebooks are designated for use in the school’s classrooms. The donation was presented by Congregation Shir Shalom’s Men’s Club Co-Presidents, Eric Zweigbaum, Bruce Yore and Mitch Spiegel, to Mindy Sayer (representing the religious school). [In photo, from left to right: Eric, Mindy, Bruce and Mitch.]

Men’s Club Edmund I. Karp Memorial Award

In coordination with the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, Congregation Shir Shalom, annually presents a “Man of the Year” honor to a worthy congregant, as well as, when applicable, a “Youth of the Year” award.  These award presentations coincide with our synagogue’s annual Men’s Club “Man of the Year” Edmund I. Karp Memorial Award, “in recognition of outstanding service to Judaism and the Community.”  This award, established in 1966 and in recognition of his achievements, was named after the late Edmund Karp, an influential “charter” member of Nanuet Hebrew Center.  He was a life member of the Board, very charitable, and as a professional engineer, played an important part in the design of Nanuet Hebrew Center’s original structure on Middletown Road in Nanuet.

Congregation Shir Shalom Men’s Club Members:  Please click here to visit and “Like” our Men’s Club Page on Facebook.


The Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC) is pleased to invite all members of Congregation Shir Shalom to receive a free subscription to the Unraveller.

The Unraveller is a weekly commentary on the haftarah written by Conservative Rabbis in an easily readable style.  It is designed to better prepare us to understand and reflect on the words of the Prophets that accompany the Torah portion for that week.  Learn about the context of that writing and why it was selected.  Learn also about other aspects of Jewish history, ideas and thought.

Click here for more information, and to subscribe:


 Our Breakfasts are open to All Congregation Shir Shalom Congregants – Men and Women, Potential New Families, Community and Friends.

 These famous bagels, lox and egg breakfasts also provide a great opportunity to network among fellow congregants and make new business connections and friends.

We welcome your participation!

Congregation Shir Shalom is a proud member of the National Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs.