G’milut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness) and Tikun Olam (repairing the world) are the bywords of “Shir Shalom Cares” – our Chesed/Social Action Committee.

Congregation Shir Shalom carries out an annual Kol Nidre food drive and year-round drive to assist the Rockland Jewish Family Service Rhoda Bloom Kosher Food Pantry.  We also actively assist and support Helping Hands Interfaith Coalition for the Homeless of Rockland.

Another integral program supported by our Chesed Committee is “Bikur Cholim” (visiting the sick).   The goal of Bikur Cholim is to help coordinate home, nursing home and hospital visits to those in our congregation who may be ill or home bound – bringing the spirit of Congregation Shir Shalom to those unable to join us at Shul. 

Each year, with assistance from our youth groups, we further have a long tradition of holding an annual Chanukah Party for the residents at Northern Manor Multicare Center.  We bring song sheets, gifts for the residents, freshly baked latkes and apple juice, and a menorah and candles.   This is always a meaningful gathering – for all ages – filled with singing and joy, and sharing of memories.

Our Chesed Committee additionally helps assist congregants who may need transportation to services and events as well as to medical appointments; and is available to help assist congregants in need with shopping and meal preparation.    

If you would like to volunteer to be a part of Congregation Shir Shalom’s Chesed Committee, or if you or someone you know within our community is in need of assistance, please contact Rabbi Kurland at rabbi@shirshalomrockland.org or 845-708-9181.

We wish to thank everyone from our Congregation Shir Shalom Community who came together so quickly and generously to help with the collection of urgently needed supplies for newly arrived Afghan refugees at Fort Dix and McGuire AFB in New Jersey.
We are proud that even our CenterRock USY/Kadima youth group offered their support with this important and timely project which was coordinated by the Westchester Coalition for Immigration.
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