Hazak Group (55+)


We welcome you to be a part of NHC’s Hazak Group, for Congregants and others within our Community aged 55 and over.

Our Hazak Group meets for lunch on the first Monday of each month at 1:00pm to plan, discuss and decide on our activities.  On the second Monday of each month, we invite you to join us at 1:00pm for our “Monthly Vintage Movie” in the Shul.  

Nanuet Hebrew Center’s Hazak Group will offer innovative social, spiritual and educational programming including guest speakers with lively discussions, showing of “Classic Movies”, participating and assisting at synagogue functions including coffee houses, dances and “cabaret” type nights, music and arts events, day trips, as well as beautification projects both within the synagogue and in the community.

Events are always included in our Weekly Announcements and E-Mail Newsletter.  If you are not currently receiving our weekly e-mail newsletter, please make sure our NHC Office (845-708-9181 / office@nanuethc.org) has your correct and current e-mail address.

For more info, please contact Estee Spiegel at estee.herb@gmail.com or you may leave a message for her with the NHC Office (845-708-9181 / office@nanuethc.org).   

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Hazak is USCJ (United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism)’s program for people 55 and older.

The name HAZAK is an acronym. The het stands for Hokhmah (wisdomHazak is USCJ’s program for people 55 and older who are members of our affiliated congregations), the zayin for Ziknah (maturity) and the kuph for Kadima (looking ahead). So Hazak notes that the senior represents cumulative knowledge, the ability to judge as zakeyn in a mature fashion, and has aspirations to move ahead during the decades remaining. With that in mind, Hazak is designed to address the needs of seniors in full-service congregations where programming priorities often are targeted to younger congregants.

Seniors are the most rapidly growing segment of the Jewish population. Hazak compliments congregational adult education programs with specially designed social, spiritual and educational components for them. Hazak members not only have the opportunity to meet on a regular basis with peers from their own congregations but with fellow Jews from other affiliated Conservative congregations in their community, region and nation.

These opportunities help develop a sense of community through a variety of creative programs that include study, prayer, entertainment and socializing. Hazak affirms the traditional Jewish view that mature adults should have the opportunity to continue to learn and be active in their congregations, their communities and among themselves. Hazak offers its members the opportunity to travel, participate in programs, and use their own skills and knowledge as well as outside resources. Thus, Hazak promotes Judaism to seniors through projects and experiences both in the synagogue environment and on a community level.